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Handheld - VHF
Vertel Handheld VHF Radio
Handheld - UHF
Vertel Handheld UHF Radio
Base Station/ Vehicle Radio
Vertel Base Station, Vehicle Radio

Vertel is a renowned brand providing efficient walky-talky radios, radio base station and two-way portable radios. These solutions cater to the communication requirements of various business and security applications.

Their high quality, secure and smooth working devices like the ULF radios and marine radios, are user friendly and durable. Their two-way portable radios are incorporated with open protocol signaling and thus are compatible with any other brand of products. These models also enable encryption facility for network exclusivity.

Their range of radios includes

Currently, Vertel devices like the two-way radios, ULF radios and marine radios are some of the most sought-after radios and are being used by over 35000 customers nationally.

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