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Base Station


REXON RPT-03N is a back-to-back repeater, with duplexer we simply connect 2 pcs RM-03N Mobiles together and modify its TX modulation to fit for ITS RX side.


  • 12.5KHz/25KHz channel spacing programmable
  • 2-tone encoder and decoder
  • DTMF encoder and decoder
  • 5 tone/ 2 tone/ DTMF signaling
  • Tone burst: 1000Hz, 1450 Hz, 1750 Hz and 2100 Hz
  • BCLO (Busy Channel Lockout)
  • Multiple scan functions are programmable
  • Priority channel
  • Keyboard lock can be activated
  • Usefull for noisy environments and poor connections
  • Non-DTMF Microphone
  • Optional: DTMF Microphone (With Full-Numeric Keypad)
  • Voice compander: reduces background noise and improves transmitted voice quality
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