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Icom (IDAS)

Next Generation Digital Narrowband or NXDN is the next-generation digital radio technology. It is a new "Common Air Interface" (CAI), the name for over-the-air methods by which radios and repeaters communicate.

Through on-going research and product enhancements, Icom has developed the IDAS, which is based on the NXDN platform. IDAS stands for Icom Digital Advanced System. It is the equipment and technology.

Some of the features of IDAS are

  • IP Network - No site too far. IDAS uses IP to transport radio traffic between sites
  • Digital Features - Can operate in a mixed analog/digital mode. By choosing the right configuration, one can hear both analog and digital but respond only in one or the other
  • Trunking - The complete line of IDAS digital radios offer an efficient, cost-effective and proven approach to digital trunking
  • Audio Clarity - Experience the clarity of digital technology in two-way radios with IDAS
  • Migration - IDAS bridges the digital and analog systems together so that all radios can talk to one another for a seamless migration
  • Efficiency - Digital is always more efficient than analog. Experience the efficiency, move to digital radio now!
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