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Motorola (Canopy)

Motorola Canopy

Motorola Canopy system provides unmatched single-to-multi and multi-to-single Wi-Fi communication, including voice and data for maximum flexibility in addition to several unique advantages, providing advanced infrastructure for enterprise-level communication.

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Key Advantages

  • Flexible, reliable and secure voice/data with high-speed wireless internet access
  • High-level integration of multiple data types on IP under one system
  • Scalable solutions for enterprise-level communication
  • Faster deployment, cost-effective
  • Higher data throughput
  • Interference resistance
  • Reliable and secure
  • No compromise in quality of service
  • High-availability integrated system with lower overall cost
  • Choice of an array of different modules
  • Customizable for commercial or private use

Application Areas

  • Voice/data communication systems with high-level integration for enterprise-level applications
  • Commercial or private systems with advanced infrastructure
  • Integrated Internet systems for multiple data-type applications
  • Applications requiring accelerated deployment and high reliability at lower cost

Typical Users

  • Corporate LAN network
  • Multi-branch connectivity between office premises and factory premises separated by up to 40-km distance (depending on line of sight between antennas)
  • Housing complexes, residential and commercial properties, shopping malls, real estate projects, etc.
  • Holiday resorts, villas and hotels
  • Ports and docks
  • Connectivity between corporate city offices and remote production units
  • Couriers / logistics companies / fleet operators / transporters
  • Warehouses etc.

Product Details

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