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Short for Voice over Internet Protocol, it is a service that converts your voice into digital signals that can travel over the internet. It is a cost effective way of communicating over longer distances. VoIP allows you to make calls from your computer, from a VoIP phone or your traditional phone connected to an adapter.

VoIP is a revolutionary technology that will change the way you think about long-distance calling.

Manasrekha brings to India, a comprehensive range of VoIP products from its own brand HT-Vox as well as other respected international manufacturers.


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RoIP is short for Radio over Internet Protocol. It interconnects standard two-way radios with an IP network such as the public internet. It converts a radio signal to digital data suitable for transport over the IP network and vice versa.

With RoIP it is possible to

  • Offer end-to-end digital signaling from a handset to any other communications device in the world
  • Eliminate the leased lines previously used to remotely control base stations by tones
  • Do away with conversions from E&M to IP limiting the controls signals available

RoIP devices are ideal for

  • Extending Service Coverage
  • Traditional Telephone Services in remote area with only radio service coverage
  • Remote Control and Monitor
  • Centralized Command Center
  • Public Safety
  • Highway Control
  • Monitoring and Commanding Radio Users via a Phone

Manasrekha announces the launch of its own Radio-VoIP-GSM-Public Announce systems on the RoIP platform.

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