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Test Advance (RoIP)

Since over 8 years, Test Advance Pvt Ltd. is providing engineering solutions for applications in the field of communications. Based in Australia, the company is constantly innovating to provide optimum application and technologies for devices like the UHF radio, marine radio, walky talky radios, radio base station, two-way radio portable, and others.

At Manasrekha, we wish to provide the finest quality products to our customers, and thus we are a certified representative of Testadvance pty/ltd in India. We take their expertise, processes and knowhow, and amalgamate it with our resources and infrastructure to offer the best range of RoIP services.


The SoftRadio series are modularly designed and a flexible option for radio control. A Windows/ PC-based 'Soft-Console', it is better compared to the HW user-terminals, as no RoIP Gateway is required on the control side, thus cutting costs.

Some of the features of Test Advance RoIP services are

  • Access 1-8 radios using one operator SoftRadios
  • GroupSend, CrossPatch, Status, Voice Logos
  • Connect Radio voice commands over an IP network
  • Convert voice to digital
  • Package data for transport using IP protocol
  • Send to target IP addresses