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A pioneer in the field of amateur radio, ICOM makes feature rich and user-friendly two-way radio portable, walky-talky radios, radio base station, UHF radio and marine radios. Based in Japan, ICOM is known for its cutting edge technology and usage of highly advanced equipment in the production process.

At Manasrekha, we strive to provide the best products to our customers, and hence we provide the following ICOM products:

IC - A24 & IC - A6
Icom IC - A24 & IC - A6 Wireless Radio
IC - M72
Icom IC - M72 Wireless Radio
IC - A110 & IC - A110 EURO
Icom IC - A110 & IC - A110 EURO Wireless Radio
IC - A23 & IC A5
Icom IC - A23 & IC A5 Wireless Radio
IC - F14/S & IC - F24/S
Icom IC - F14/S & IC - F24/S Wireless Radio
IC - 706 MK II G
Icom IC - 706 MK II G Wireless Radio
IC - M802
Icom IC - M802 Wireless Radio
IC - V82 & IC - U82
Icom IC - V82 & IC - U82 Wireless Radio
IC - A4
Icom IC - A4 Wireless Radio
IC - M1V & IC - M1 EURO V
Icom IC - M1V & IC - M1 EURO V Wireless Radio

Designing and engineering is the core elements that has helped ICOM reach out to cater to the needs of Aviation, Land Mobile, Marine, and Wide-band Receivers.

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