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Base Station / Vehicle Radio

VL 007 - FM VHF / UHF Mobile Radio

The Vertel VL 007 is all that you can expect from a Base Station/Vehicle Radio. Its expansive list of features and functions leaves nothing out. A sleek design and state-of-the-art operation makes this a perfect radio for various applications.


  • 128 Memory Channel
  • Full Dot-matrix Display
  • Embedded Radio Information
  • High Powered Radio
  • PLL steps
  • 6 programmable keys
  • 16 personal templates for channel setting
  • Full built-in tone - signaling
  • Versatile Scanning features
  • Audio Compander
  • Voice Scrambler
  • Personalized alert tone
  • Lone worker and security check
  • Remote Kill/ Stunt/ Active/ Revive
  • Multiple Emergency calls
  • Flexible call operations
  • Call authorization
  • Optional selection Tone
  • Password protection
  • Meets MIL-STD 810 standards
  • Lowest Volume Audibility
  • Power-On Self-Inspection
  • Ignition Switch